Windshield Frame Question?

Apr 13, 2003
I have a 73 Fj40. I was preparing to replace the glass when I noticed the frame looked slightly askew (sp).

I ran a 4' level accross the bottom of the channel. It was straight as could be. When I ran it accross the top it was in about 1/4" or so in the middle. It is even in the area that appeares to bowed in however.

I'm assuming that the frame is bent, am I correct in this assumption?

Is this a common occurence?

Thanks for the help as always, ROB
Dec 7, 2004
Eastern PA.
Check to see if there's a twist in the frame Eye down one side rail to see if it lines up with the other rail. I had a twist in mine and at the angle of the windsheild if it's twisted the top rail would be out of level. I pulled my glass and twisted it back and it's back to good.

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