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Aug 22, 2018
My drivers side window motor is bad.

I've read through the threads, it's the actual motor and lubing the tracks won't help and nothing is popped out. Motor knocks and gear slips.

Through Oreilly I found a Dorman motor PLUS regulator for cheaper than the Dorman motor alone ??

So now I'm curious (might be a long shot) if there are any cross compatible motors for other Toyota vehicles that would work?

Trying to avoid the Land Cruiser tax if I can.


Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
Hello folks,

I just went through this fun exercise and learned few things. Rather than starting a new thread, figured I'd add on to this one. I'll reference this thread for more info.

If you go to Rockauto and punch up our vehicle, you'll see the new and remanned motor options. What's cool is that you can also open up other vehicles and open up their window motor offering. I'm including a pic of a thread that discussed all the various vehicles that are compatible with our 80 series. I was at the U pull n pay last weekend and pulled up all the vehicles that use the same motor as the driver front window then proceeded to pull out their motors.

I pulled a right rear from a '99 4runner and a '04 Montero Sport. At home, I tried de-pinning & re-pinning into the Toyota harness but that didn't work out so I cut/butt spliced wires as needed. Incidentally, both the Mitsubishi and the 80 have identical wire colors but I had to wire them opposite, go figure.

I also took this opportunity to remove ALL old grease from the tracks, motor gear and the regulator half moon gear then replaced with Honda grease, don't have a pic of it right now. My window isn't much faster, which was a bummer but everything is fresh so I feel better anyway :hillbilly:

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