Winch cable care...

Mar 16, 2003
Hi All,

General question for winch cable maintenance and initial use.

New Warn M10000...

1) &nbsp:Do I need to lube the cable with anything to protect and preserve the cable? If so...what is generally used?

2) &nbsp:Do I need to stretch or extend the cable and rewind under tension to store between use? Or, before initial use, whenever that may happen to be?


Oct 28, 2002
I know your supposed to get a good tight first wrap, and make sure there arent any overlapping winds
Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
If this is your first winch, my suggestion would be to go out and play with it first before your stuck and really need it. It's not alot of fun sloggin around in knee deep mud tryin to figure out how to use it.
Make sure its mounted properly, it's even more fun when you pull the winch of the truck.
From dealing with rigging,chailifts, and high lines the last 15 years, lubricant for us just helps control surface rust, non of the lubricant gets into the core.
Take care of the wire rope, it can be a life saver, and it can be deadly, as I saw first hand about 10 years ago.
To get a nice tight wrap on the drum, I would find a slight uphill with something to anchor to at the top, and slowly winch in the line by pulling the truck uphill, that way you can see each wrap spooling on the drum, keep them nice and tight
I apologize if I'm rambling on, but winches are great tools if you use them correctly, they can also cause alot more damage/problems if used incorrectly.

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