When did the ash tray change? (1 Viewer)

May 9, 2005
Terre Haute, IN
After much searching for a radio small enough to fit in my ash tray I got to looking at the slee ash tray install. Wow, that ashtray opening sure looks different than my 91's.

Oh well I finally got one put in today. I Put in an old midland my Uncle had laying in his garage. It was smaller than a single din opening, and I had a tray under my radio that It fit quite snuggly in so I cut the back out of the tray and slid it in. I then found a piece of plastic in the garage and cut it out to fit tightly around the CB, and it nicely covers the area around the CB.

Oh yea, the factory speakers in the dash make a nice auxillary speaker for the CB. I only hooked up the one on the drivers side.

Works real well, although I did have to venture into the truck stop CB shop world to get the SRW set on my 4' wilson 1000, I bought it off of them also. Good price on the antenna (27.00), but man are they some weird individuals.
Jan 11, 2005
Poulsbo, WA
I'm pretty sure the ashtray changed when the dash did in 95.
I'm not exactly sure why it had to change because the radio and climate controls are the same size, but everything below these are shifted together more and the ashtray is wider in the 95+ I guess they figured people with airbags need wider ashtrays :confused: And people with earlier LCs have bigger hands which might hit other buttons next to each other at the bottom. And you know what bigger hands mean :censor: :flipoff2:
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