Wheel stud question


Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
Are wheel studs or lugs or whatever they're officially called (you know, the studs that hold the wheels on) interchangeable between front and rear? Like are they the same ones? I know they're the same thread, but are they the same length? Are FF rear ones a different length? Are 80 series wheel studs different than 60 series ones? Just wanna be prepared when I go in to my dumb ass dealer tomorrow to order three new wheel studs on one hub of my FF rear cause I broke two and destroyed another on one side of my new FF rear. My dealer will not know what I'm talking about 'cause FJ60s in the US don't have FF rears...so officially I'm wondering if they are the same wheel stud as a semi float wheel stud...or if the wheel studs on 80 series FF rears are the same as wheel studs on 60 series FF rears. :p ???


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