Wheel Options?

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Feb 21, 2006
Right now stock 16's on my 1998 that I just purchased.

Ideally I'd like to put a more aggressive tire on the truck to make it look a little less like a soccer mom car. I guess at the same time new rims might not be bad. Not looking for ducey-duces here.. 16/17/18 probably with a somewhat stock look.

Tire rack has nothing. Any help? Just need to see pics mainly, as I'll probably find something local.

Wheel choices for the 100 are...um... limited to say the least, so if you are trying to avoid anything "blingy" you might want to look for some late (03-06)18" factory wheels ,and then put a nice A/T or M/T tire on em`.

If you plan on doing any serious wheeling with your rig, then stay with the 16"s that you have and maybe get them powder coated to match the color of your 100, or maybe even chromed (yuk!).. ;p

Like I said, there are VERY few choices when upgrading wheels, so it boils down to living with what you have and upgrading TIRES, or giving the stock rims some "personality" :D

Good luck, and let us know what you end up doing !
Any links to pics of those 18's on a LC? I found the rim itself online.

What about tire options? What size can I go up to width and circumfrence wise?

Definitely want something to fill out the wheel well a little more and give a little more stance to the truck. No bling or chrome!

Yup, that's the ticket. Now to hound ebay for some rims and find those tires locally.
Oh, just noticed all the modifications for those HUGE tires.. do they make something similar but lesser diamater? ALso, he said they have the "MT" humm to them.. what other options are available for nubby but not noisy?
Whodkne, if you want to run the 18's, my recommendation for you would be to go with 285/65-18 in the BFG AT/KO's. It's a 33" tire that won't require regearing. No mods to fit and are quiet on the road.
I second Hoser`s tire suggestion...The BFG AT`s will still give you an off road look without all the downsides of MT`s...and the size will fill the wheel wells nicely without rubbing.

Good luck !
On the subject of wheels...just a LITE hijack :D ...I wonder why you can't buy wheels with a hard anodized coating? I have had, years ago, aluminum parts hard anodized black, gray, etc. and the coating holds up WAY better than paint, powder coating, etc.
Conservative MIM Rimini Offroad. Good Italian wheel.



A little out there, but sort of stock looking is the ATS Cetus. Good German wheel.


Some on ebay...
You can also keep your wheels and run BFG 285/75/16 which will be a 33 in. tire and looks good on the truck.
I guess I got lucky finding them but here is what I have.

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