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Sep 23, 2017
Not a 'for sale' thread, per se, just an inquiry on behalf of an overseas friend. He has access to some 'like-new' 60-series from the Middle East and asked me what such trucks might be worth here in the USA. He's trying to gauge interest to help him decide if it's worth it to bring them over next time he's here. I'm a 70 and 80-series guy, and don't really keep an eye on the 60 market, so I told him I'd ask around in here and see what you guys have to say about it.

The information I have on the trucks in question is that (at least one of them) only has 45k miles on it from new, petrol motors, 5-spd. Interiors are original and spotless, exterior paint (4E9 beige) shines like new, still have original decals. Riding on original steel wheels. They run perfectly. Desert cars so no rust, never had it. A little unique (for the USA market anyway) in that they have the swing out rear doors (i.e. ambulance doors). Other options I could see in the photos are an OEM Toyota rear mount jerry can, rear side-facing jump seats, and OEM Toyota steps for reaching the roof. Not sure about a/c, but most Middle East cars have it (for obvious reasons).

The most expensive 60's I could find reference to here in the USA are a beautifully modded one currently in the classifieds, and a recent sale on BAT, both around $50k. There were a couple others (both in exceptional original condition) in the BAT auction results history that went between $50-60k. That seems like the top of the market (the majority of BAT sales of nice 60's are clustered between $10-30k), but if anyone knows better, do chime in. Not necessarily saying the trucks he has access to are in this rarified air (as nice as they look, I haven't personally seen them), but I'm just trying to give him a ceiling for the 60-series trucks here in the USA. I'll leave it to him and any potential buyers to determine final value.

And if anyone can point me to any other reasonable comparables, please do.


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Nov 27, 2016
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35k at most for a stock, low mileage USA rig. There can always be outliers but that seems to be the top end.

Overseas trucks don't really fetch a big dollar unless its a HJ61 and LHD. USA buyers seem hesitant, unlike the skyline/car crowd.

I myself think a Middle Eastern truck thats dry, clean and original is more than ideal compared to a USA truck. Too bad California makes it difficult.


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Aug 12, 2007
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much would depend on this or not ? .






Aug 9, 2007
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It perhaps also depends on whether the vehicles are still daily drivers or "collectors." If collector condition, how strong that condition is...for instance whether it could resume daily driver status with a new owner, remain a collector, or possibly be easily upgraded in a pet project such as an e-rod conversion, will drive the sale price.

For vehicles in good shape destined to be daily drivers...and even with a V-8, I think the numbers you see here are pretty good estimates. For collector condition vehicles, the top dollar achieved in a sale might well depend on how well you market and how patient you are in finding the right buyer. A collector doesn't have to be in a hurry, and that vehicle is only getting more desirable/valuable with time.

So, I suppose one has to consider return on investment on the vehicles you are considering importing. What it will take to make it broadly useful, marketable, and valuable here in the U.S., is the question.
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