what's the best A/C and heater unit

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Oct 11, 2004
tunica, ms
the search function isn't working. what's the best a/c heater unit to put in a 40? i've got a v8.
I istall 4 to 6 Vintage airs a year,, I've got 3 to do now.. the heater control valve they use is JUNK.. just stay with the factory valve.. There are two cable controls that they leave up to the installer to furnish.. I have been using new 40 (fresh pull ) cables.. one controls heater to defrost ( it works ok ) the other controls ( a/c to heater ) this one causes grief..its a design flaw.. its the location of the cable hold-down & the angle that it's pulling on the flapper door lever that also engages a micro switch. The last 4 installs I've relocated the hold- down to help with the problem... works ok so far.. but its winter and haven't been used much.. see how it goes this summer. They say they are comming out with a new generation a/c soon to elimiunate the cables... we shall see .. its been a year now.. I can go on this forever so I'll stop... if anyone wants pics or more info send a pm or post it up... also I'm looking into these folks--- http://www.nostalgicairparts.com/getproduct.php?pid=151

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