Whats best year for early FJ's


Feb 8, 2007
Just bored and wandered over here from the 100 forum... I'm surprised I don't see people talking at all about full-time 4WD vs. part-time 4WD in this thread. I knew I could let my girlfriend (at the time) hop in and drive my 2007 FJ 6MT in the winter and not have to worry about teaching her how/when to put in in 4WD - just get in and go. Inexperienced drivers spinning 4WD's off the road because they didn't know the roads had turned slippery and hadn't thrown it in 4Hi yet is a real thing. I sure did it when I was 16.
I hate automatics, have never owned any really. The full time four wheel drive was a huge deterrent for me, so much I chose the automatic over manual. With that being said, I love the automatic now for daily driving and I assume it's great for wheeling though I don't off-road mine.

The automatic actually gets better better mpg than the manual bc of the manual versions awd.

I wouldn't put a teen in one of these strictly bc of the blind spots. You get used to them, but any new driver doesn't need the added difficulty.
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