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Jun 19, 2005
Northern Colorado
What year(s) did the 4runner come with a solid front axel? I am looking for a project rig and like the seating of the 4runner setup.

Thanks in advance folks!
thanks for that info.

what about the pickup trucks? when did Toyota mess those up with IFS front ends.

I can not decide on what to do. :(
same same!

thanks for that info.

what about the pickup trucks? when did Toyota mess those up with IFS front ends.

I can not decide on what to do. :(

Whoa there smiley, Toyota didnt mess anything up with that IFS.

You wont find a better one out there...well at least obtainable.
IMO Theirs H1 or theirs 86-95 anything else is just jealous :D
Pirate4x4.com has a FAQ that will answer most questions you will have except how large of tires you can go without lifting. That seams to be 35" with significant fender and foot well modifications.

IFS on the pickup seams to start in '86 for the 4x4 Hilux pickup. Wikipedia is the source for that.

As for 4runners. Get a 4 door from any year before '96 and SAS it if needed. With your kids you really want the rear door access. The reason I say if needed is the IFS is tough. From what I've gathered is if you don't put crawler gears in you should not have any issues with the IFS. If you put crawler gears in and are in a habit of gunning it in stuck situations you may bend up or break things. If you wish to do any amount of lifting, then SAS it as the IFS does not lift above an inch well. The engines to get are the 22RE and 3.4L V6. The 3.0V6 is a dog. For mountains the 22R-TE turbo is liked, but it requires premium gas.

Outside of North America the 4runner is known as the Surf.

An extended cab pickup is good for some luggage, but is cramped in back even for kids.
Thanks for all that Bogo.

I get the kid thing, and I think it would be cool to take them with me, but I am not thinking of this as a daily driver by any means. We have a 60 for that. I would like to lift it high enough to put 37's on it. I want to build something to go just about anywhere.

When I was 16 I had a 1983 Toyota 4x4 Mini truck on 31's that kicked ass, and had the potential to kick some more if I had just had the money to build her up. But then one fateful day she was taken from me by some stupid people that wanted lots of her parts. I got her back once the Police found her in Down Town LA with just about ever body part missing. I had to bring a beach chair to drive her home cuz they took the seats!

Anyways, what I am saying is I want to build something kick ass, so thanks for the tips thus far. :bounce:

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