What would you do? Speedometer/Odometer Troubleshoot

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Aug 9, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
I'm a new (and beginner) FJ62 owner and one of the first projects I'm working on is getting the speedometer and odometer fixed, which are both non-functioning, so I can baseline the first tune-up. Thanks to this forum, I've been able to troubleshoot it but I honestly don't know what I'm looking for so I'd appreciate any extra set of eyes.

1) I pulled the speedometer gear out of the transfer case and the gear looks to be in good condition.

2) I removed the instrument cluster and stuck an Allen wrench behind the speedometer to see if it spins (it does, but it seems to fall fast as if the magnet in the motor is weak?). A local FJ owner had an extra working speedometer for me to test which I was going to plug-in to the car to see.

My Speedometer

Test Speedometer

3) Looking at the end that plugs into the speedometer and based on the pictures of the part online, I think it's missing the actual cable.
Yeah your speedo cable is messed up. There should be a square rod sticking out of the center of the plug that fits into the socket on the speedometer.

Maybe it broke off and is still inserted in the meter if the meter seized.
Replace the cable and plug it in & go for a drive. Then decide whether or not the meter isn't working correctly. I don't think anything definitive can be gleaned by spinning an Allen wrench in the socket and watching the needle move.
That Speedo cable is avail from the dealer, still ... Though not cheap. I don't know if there are aftermarket, made in Japan.

As OSS says, replace cable, drive, see if it's working.

NOTE -- The videos above look like a FJ60 Cluster ?

FJ60 goes up to 85 MPH -- FJ62 Goes up to 110 MPH !!! ???
@Spike Strip Ha! I guess you are right. I didn't even notice! Nice catch. He offered it to me to help troubleshoot but it looks like cable is the culprit.
IIRC, there's a small bushing on the FJ62 Speedo/Odo ... I don't see it in your cable pic so make sure it's on the back of the Speedometer.

Maybe somebody with a FJ62 can verify a bush is supposed to be there...


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