What sensor is this? We broke the 1 way/wire connector

Sep 16, 2017
austin tx
So when doing the inner manifold gaskets up top mechanic unplugged a connector which he called the VVT Cam sensor bank1. But I have called every place imaginable and I think he is mistaken on what sensor it is. It is a 1 way/wire pigtail in which he has stuck in the hole with out the clip until we get one. Check engine comes on because of it. And I believe it affects the car starting because sometimes it won't turn over like it chokes out. (The starter and battery are new BTW.)

We believe the clip has a toyota # of 90980 11420 or 90980 11166. It goes in on the left side below the throttle cable wheel, underneath the air intake housing so my pictures stink.
If anyone knows what type of sensor it is then maybe I can go get the whole harness.



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