1. Skyshark

    Key fob sensor in Cruiser not working

    Hey Guys, I have a 2000 Lancruiser with the locking system acting up. The front two locks get stuck quite a bit, which I believe to be a problem with the lock actuator, which I plan to replace soon. However, my main question is on what I might be able to try to get my key fob working again. I...
  2. ClayGrizzly

    Camshaft Position Sensor Bolts Broken

    While doing a Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement on my 2002 Land Cruiser over the last week, I snapped both of the long Camshaft Position Sensor bolts while trying to meet the FSM's torque specs. These things were FRAGILE, and now I have a serious bolt extraction problem. The bolts are: P#...
  3. R

    1FZ-FE block/head sending units???

    1995 80 series I am stuck trying to figure out what all the sensors are on the block and head. I have a guy rebuilding the engine for me and I want to replace all the sensors but I have no idea what they are or what they are called. Any help for this noob would be greatly appreciated!
  4. J

    GM temp sensor to F block bushing adapter

    Hello all, I have a 2 barrel FiTech EFI system to install; it uses a GM type temperature sensor. I am desmogged and would like to use one of the two temperature sensor ports in the block. I have an OEM temp sensor bushing that I’m considering retapping the threads to fit the GM sensor but am...
  5. Skrugg

    1997 Land Cruiser Throttle Position Sensor Question

    I just got a 1997 land cruiser! Previous owner had a shop do all the work. However, there's lots of little things that were left unfixed. So, I have read the threads about adjusting the TPS with feeler gauges. However, since I'm a 97, i just used a scanner to read TP %. At idle, it reads 9%. At...
  6. V

    AHC - Rear is stuck on Low, but dashboard shows steady green for L,N,H ?

    Gents, My LC100 from 2000 with approx 170.000 km is now sitting permanently on LOW in the rear. The high adjustments works fine for the front, can go from from L,N,H with no probs. Just that the rear keeps sitting on low. What I don't get, is that the dashboard indicator stops blinking after...
  7. V

    Wrong post - please delete

    Posted on wrong forum, cannot delete the thread so please any admin remove this post/thread. Thanks. --------
  8. ptrsn

    What sensor is this? We broke the 1 way/wire connector

    So when doing the inner manifold gaskets up top mechanic unplugged a connector which he called the VVT Cam sensor bank1. But I have called every place imaginable and I think he is mistaken on what sensor it is. It is a 1 way/wire pigtail in which he has stuck in the hole with out the clip until...
  9. J

    100 series UZJ100 won't crank - . codes P0335 and P0340

    Hi all. My daily driver wouldn't crank today. Summary of vehicle: 2003 UZJ100R, V8 petrol with 5 speed auto transmission. The engine is a 2UZ-Fe 4.7ltr V8. It has 240,000kms on the clock. I've only had it since the start of this year, and I suspect the previous owner spent a lot of time on the...
  10. gummycarbs

    CDL Sensor Location

    I was having a hard time finding the CDL sensor, particularly since it was covered in leaking protective oil, so here are some photos to help others. It's accessible from the right side of the transfer case, just behind the transmission crossmember. I got it loose with a 27mm open ended...
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Knock Sensor 93-97 1FZE engine

    SoCal Can be mailed anywhere. Paypal OK. Used Factory Toyota part from good running engine, no smog codes. Personal message if needed.
  12. W

    O2 sensor sim question

    Anyone have experience with this product. Toyota Land Cruiser O2 Sensor Eliminator MAGNUM EZ CEL FIX Oxygen Sensor Simulator
  13. A

    Knock Sensor CEL Woes, Running like crap

    I have been at this for a week and a half and still can't get my truck running right. Here's what I did: 1. PHH 2. While I was doing that I accidentally broke off knock sensor entire connection 3. Installed new knock sensor, but sketchy old connector, Code 55 and no power 4. I soldered in a new...
  14. A

    Code 55 Knock Sensor causing really rough/weak running

    I broke off the knock sensor during PHH as stated in previous thread, knew one on the way. I temporarily glued the broken one. Drove on the freeway today <10 miles after new radiator, PHH, thermostat, and heater valve. As soon as I got on it started running really rough and really weak, very...
  15. Delancy

    Wanted  24V B/H Glow Plug Current Sensor

    Also need single pole 24V oil pressure sensor.
  16. A

    85' 4-runner O2 Sensor NLA?

    I am looking to replace an O2 sensor for an 85' 22R-E 4-runner. Are these still available through Toyota?
  17. Red Merle

    O2 Sensor options.

    I tried doing a search and most of them on this topic are really old. I have a '94 that needs a new No.2 O2 sensor. I just got back from my dealer that quoted me almost $300 for one, even at their wholesale pricing. I am normally a big fan of OEM, but that is just too much for my wallet at the...
  18. Kechinbo

    FJ80 / 3FE OD Sensor

    Can I get an FJ80 / 3FE owner to tell me what color their 2 wires are going down to the OD sensor on the driver's side of the tranny, and then maybe tell me what color they mate to at the plug where it enters the wiring harness? When I pulled my motor, that little 2-wire plug on the back left...
  19. OREGON85

    ABS wheel speed sensor

    I broke one of my wheel speed sensors when I was tearing the axle down. I am planning on getting a new one from a wrecking yard. Can anyone tell me about compatibility? Does it matter if it is from the left or right, front or back? Are all the years that had ABS compatible? Thanks!
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