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Jul 19, 2012
Colorado Springs
Hi all,
I started looking for a 200 series a few years back and quickly came to the realization that sellers wanted more than I was willing to give. I gave up on my 200 search and settled with a 2006 100 series and am very happy with that.

Now my wife would like an Land Cruiser and a local dealer just took in a 2008 with 51k miles. I looked at it and would put condition at "good" per KBB standards.

My gut feeling is that I don't want to pay more than ~$44k for it, but KBB puts private party "good" $45.7k and dealer retail "excellent" condition at $51k. This one I don't believe is excellent condition. Edmunds puts the value at $33k in good condition and for some reason Edmunds has always been extremely low on the Land Cruiser values.

So I'm looking to see if I can get a little Mud guidance on what you see? I know the values of the 100 series pretty well but I have a tough time with the 200 series.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. The color is Blue, which is not the most popular color by far here in CO....thanks!
What is the dealer asking for it? It'd be good to know what their starting point for negotiations will be.
I paid $52 for my 2008 four years ago (certified pre-owned with 11k miles). Your dealer is overpriced. I'd go in with around $40k and just be prepared to walk away. There'll be other 200s for sale if they don't want to negotiate.
I looked at lots of 2008 thru 2010 LC's before I just decided to buy a 2013 LC, and I think they are asking way too much IMO, I would say in the 39 to 43 range is where they should be on a rig like that, just my 2 cents...
Thank you brussum and kreiten. I see there is a 2008 with 69k mi in Baltimore, same color listed at $39,999. The range of 38-43 looks correct to me. If we like it when we look at it I will definitely start at the low end. Absolute top end would be 42k and that's if they will provide at least 12 month warranty. Its at the Lexus dealer so it is not certified. I greatly appreciate the feedback.
I was in the same situation a couple of weeks ago. I decided to pony up a little more $ for an "executive demo" 2013. It seems like, literally, every dealership around here had a 2011-2013 demo for sale. They are generally driven by the owner or GM for about a year and then discounted. Once I factored in the "goodies" you get with a 2013, and the mileage you save, it was a no-brainier for me. Anyhow, that's my take.
Not sure if it counts, but 16 months ago I paid $48ish for 29k 2009 Black and Tan.
Just wait your dealer out if they don't want to negotiate (they might be reluctant to drop $10k+ in the first week). If it doesn't sell after a few weeks, then go pay them another visit. It costs them money just sitting there and it's hard to believe it's going to sell when it's so overpriced. They might be more interested in working towards your $42k goal.
WAY too much for that. Should be more in the low 40's I would think at least
Got mine for $38k last April. 08 with 60k miles. Felt like a good deal and I'd been watching prices for a while.

You should wait that one out or move on and keep looking.
Certainly below 45k. From what I have seen in our area when I was looking 6 months ago, in excellent condition 43k or so would have been about right.
I always look at Autotrader.com and cars.com to get a rough idea of prices. Obviously you never know what these car end up selling for but you can see what else you can buy for similar asking prices.

For example, right now there is a white 2010 with UP and 16k miles with an asking price of $58k. Clearly that's too high as well but comparing asking price to asking price, I would step up and pay an additional $6k for a newer vehicle with far fewer miles (and a better color in my eyes).

The one drawback to the 200-series is that there aren't a whole lot of them so I suspect dealers act as though they are sitting on gold when they have one in their inventory. Of course, on the flip side of that is once it sits on the lot for a while, they may be far willing to drop the price just to move it. It takes a special buyer to step up to the LC so it really depends on your location if buyers recognize and appreciate the LC over the cheaper Sequoia or 4Runner.

All that said, always be willing to travel to get a better vehicle at a better price.
I paid $52 for my 2008 four years ago (certified pre-owned with 11k miles).

Same here... Paid 51k in 2008 with 1500 miles on the clock....

But the economy was in the tank, fuel was much more expensive and LC's were just sitting on the lots ....

A 2008 "excellent" LC sold on eBay in July for 38,000. Had 65,000 mi. That's the best deal I've seen on an '08 in a couple of years. I paid 39,500 in march of 2012 for mine with 94,000 mi. You should be around 40,000 depending on condition. If you're not 100% happy with it, wait!
thank you everyone for your inputs! We looked at this one and even thought mechanically it seems to have been maintained well, cosmetically it has not. Both the exterior and interior are not in a condition that I would consider giving even $38k for, and the fact that my wife does not like the blue color...our search will continue.

this discussion and price paid for a variety of years and conditions helps me a great deal going forward.

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