What is this part and do I even need it?

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Nov 11, 2010
Beech Bluff, Tennessee
What is (or was) this little vacuum valve on the side of my intake in the pic below and what does it do?
I pulled the intake and removed the air injection manifold today to finish up my de-smog. For some reason, I removed this little vacuum valve and then could not find it when putting things back together. While I was waiting for the paint to dry on my valve cover, I cleaned up around the garage some and may have thrown it away. I searched the trash, but I can't find it anywhere. I put a plug in the hole and looped the vacuum lines going to it and the truck cranks and runs without it. If it is something I no longer need, I will just leave the plug in place and cap the lines.

Still haven't found it. This is what mine looks like now.
What year is your LC? I have a 94 and failed smog so I removed the upper manifold and cleaned out all vacuum lines and passages. Smog passed. I think you need it for smog in states like California. They look like the vacuum hoses under the upper manifold.
It's a '92 and I don't have to pass emissions test. I de-smogged the truck. Truck seems to run just fine without it. I'm just not completely sure if I should have removed it or not. Toyota calls it a "gas filter" in the parts diagram. Toyota part number 23265.

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