What is the bolt size for FJ40 driveshafts ?

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Jun 4, 2004
Denison, Texas
I'm in the middle of a restore and (almost complete with mechanical) should finish my (LS1) engine swap tomorrow night - that's when the wiring harness comes in to test my work.

I need to know the following:
1.) What size nuts are used on the txfer case to rear drive shaft.
2.) What size bolts / nuts are used on the front drive shaft to and rear diff ?

Note: I installed a FJ60 rear end assembly and the FJ40 rear driveshaft does not have the same bolt pattern at differential...so I'm turning it 90 degrees and drilling my own holes...

Just need to know what size nuts were used on all of the above.
Driveshaft bolts are special pieces and not regular bolts. They are hardened. I would assume they are also fine thread 1.25 most likely as this is a stronger threading. Size??? someone else will know before I get over to take a look. Pick them up at toyota they are fairly common and most of the time available off the shelf. Napa might have them too.
Toyota p/n 90115-11H00.

contains 1 nut, washer & bolt. Someone more knowledgeable than me will know thread pitch & whatnot.


edit: these are the ones for my '77 so ymmv. fwiw, there's an 11 stamped on the head of the bolt. Man I wished I paid more attention when I worked at Fastenal as to the grades of metric bolts. :bang::bang:
According to Cruiser Outfitters you should have 10mm diameter bolts. And as mentioned above, just save yourself some heart ache and get the proper bolts from the dealer. They have a shoulder on them and the last ones I got had flanged nuts. Very specific fastener.


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