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Dec 27, 2009

i am new to the mud

i'm driving a '84 60 series with a 2H diesel engine for 2 years.

i am reading a lot on this forum, for me it is a great source of information and knowledge.

so, about my (probably stupid) question: what is a water sedementer ?

i tried the search button, but it is not completely clear to me

could anybody please tell me:
- what is the fuction
- how does it look like
- where is it located

many thanks :)

May 13, 2009
Paradise, BC

the water sedimenter is designed to trap water in the fuel system. getting water into the engine/injectors is NOT a good thing!

regarding its location, i can only speak for the canadian issue (left hand drive) BJ60. on that model, the factory sedimenter is located on the passenger side frame rail roughly half way between the axles. it may or may not be the same for your HJ.

regardless, just follow the fuel lines as they run along the frame rails from the fuel tank towards the engine bay. somewhere along there, you will see an obvious can-shaped thing with a drain fitting on the bottom.

the idea is that you would, during routine maintenance, open the drain fitting and allow any collected water to drain from the sedimenter. get a service manual and follow the instructions.



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