What do you guys use for DATA/Mobile hot spot on the road?

Jan 21, 2012
So looking at working whilst traveling but as a first timer to this, I'm not sure whats the best options right now. I am looking at getting a designated device that will support a sim plan for date usage that I can hotspot to various wifi devices and use whilst on the road. Question is, what's a good device for this, and what kind of carrier/plan?

I've used my current Sprint plan to tether but on the road especially in SC the coverage wasn't that great, and speeds were painfully slow on the phone that I didn't even think about tethering. I figured a device made for tethering/mobile hot spot would be better anyway than a actual smartphone, but the carrier choice is the question... Any advice....

Thanks in advance!
Aug 2, 2006
Nobody's going to give you seamless coverage. Stupid coverage areas and roaming agreements.
That said i would recommend Verizon or us cellular.
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