What do you do with your dog

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May 28, 2004
Myrtle Beach, SC
While you are at work? Just got a new one this weekend, and can't figure out the best thing to do with her while we aren't home.

She is good about being in her crate, but I feel bad about doing that all day. If I tie her out, she jumps against the leash and tries to chase everything. Our yard is only partailly fenced in right now (building an addition) and I am afraid she would be able to jump the fence once I put it back up anyway. I left her in a room in the house yesterday, and she couldn't hold it all day, so I had a mess to clean when I got home.

What do you other dog owners do?
We have our dogs crate trained. Stick with the crate. If you've left her in the crate all day, and she didn't have an accident, then she CAN hold it. She just doesn't know that's not cool in other parts of the house. Or it's separation anxiety. If the crate's big enough for her to move around (and it keeps her from going), stick with the crate.

That's all I got, I'm leaving work right now to go home for lunch and let our dogs out. They're in a crate.
when they are young, I crate them. Once they are house broke and I am reasonably sure that they aren't going to destroy the place, I let them roam the house.
We had to crate ours for a while. Then, when he was larger we left him outside (underground electronic fence). Now we usually leave him inside. Because he's housebroken, he'll usually lay down in 'his' chair in the den where he can see the front porch and driveway, or pass out in the middle of the living room in the sun. It just takes time. Crate him for now, then when he's housebroken you can leave him in or tie him up. Pretty much what tcb said.
We usually gate her into the kitchen just to keep the dog hair mess at a minimum in the rest of the house. Actually right now we're doing a kitchen remodel so she has run of the full house.

I've surprised her many times mid-day and she is ALWAYS sleeping. :) We want to get a second but just haven't found the right dog yet.
I take mine to work with me everyday. Wouldn't have it any other way. Cat stays at home.

How big is your dog? How smart?

Electric fences are pretty good option for dogs who know they shouldn't go over the wire. If you have a dumb or untrained dog they don't work very well.

Don't put a dog on a chain. A runner would be better but they still are not prefered. Can get a small outside chain link fence (runner also) and leave them out.

If none of the options above worked for you then you either have a dumb dog, you don't know how to train a dog or you bought the dog because it looked cool and not one that would actually fit into your life style.
First thing I did when we bought the house was to fence in the front and back yards (picket, I hate chain link in the front) so the dog could have a yard to dig up, lay in the sun, and bark at people. He gets downright cranky if we keep him out of the yard.
build her a pen with a high fence......make sure you interact everyday....clean water..feed once a day...find a good dry food once she likes, stay with the same.. don't change.....flea and tick collar and shots....dogs give unconditionally for life...all of mine are strays....good luck.....get a second dog is good advice for company go to the shelters....dogs spend the majority of their lfe sleeping..
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Mine come to work with me. Both of them.

The reality is that dogs during the daytime (at least at this house) are pretty much sleeping and boring. They get their morning walk to burn off steam and then they might as well be in crates. They don't get their second wind to exercise until the afternoon.

We started off crate training but never crated for more than 6-7 hours. At first, you have to work your way up to that amount of time... . Maybe have someone check on them during your lunch break.

The :princess: wanted our dogs to go to a dog day care facility a couple of times a week but it really adds up. Can be 15-20 bucks per dog per day. These are springing up everywhere in Seattle and it's no wonder... these places make a lot of money. On the plus side, at least your dog will be socialized with other dogs and if they pee it's not your carpet.

You could also try to find a trustworthy dog walker who can check on your dog during the mid-day.
I am happy to say that I work from home so he is always with me!

When rodeo comes he is our guard dog for the horses...

When i have to go on sales calls...he guards my stuff in the truck

Simply said = he is with me 24/7

I know that does not help...

and this thread is pointless without pic's
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Here are my little ones. This is how they spend the day.

Beagles think that the couch floats. They do thier darndest to keep it from floating away.
If someone is still adjusting their lifestyle around their first dog, the last thing I would wish upon them is to get a second dog right away. It's a ton of work! Sure, the dog may have a new pal, but your life will be miserable as you figure out how to make it work. Wait a year or two... please.

The most important thing you can give your dog besides love is exercise and a routine. If you thoroughly can tire him/her out every morning, they're just going to sleep in the crate and recover all day long. Mixing up where he sleeps or where the crate is or if he gets a walk in the morning or where he spends his days is what's going to confuse a new dog, and cause problems at the house.

A good walk/run in the morning (and one in the evening) and a crate are all he'll need to be a happy member of your house while you're at work. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.
we used to walk our dalmation every morning before work. then crated her when she was real young. after about 1-2 years she went into a 10x10 dog run outside. that lasted until around 7-8 years old and then she turned into a wimp and now spend 90% of the day sleeping going on 13 now and a walk to the mailbox tuckers her out!

We realized the crate wasn't working when we came home to find it upsidedown 20' from where we left it! she liked more room than that.

Beagle Brothers Excavating is a real business. The big one is the Foreman, middle one is the supervisor, the little one is the 4 month old aprentice.
how do you like your beagles? I was thinking about getting one for my first dog sometime in the future.

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