what do TLCA do for land use?

Dec 23, 2007
We were having a talk in our club about TLCA and land use and nobody knew if they did anything. I never see the name anywhere on land use issues.


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Nov 5, 2004
TLCA is a 4x4 club and focuses mainly on that. There has been a push recently to be more outspoken and more involved in the land use issue. TLCA does donate to land use advocacy groups, BRC comes to mind off the top of my head.

One could take the position that the measurement of what TLCA does for land use can be calculated by adding up what each chapter has done for promoting land access and stewardship. After all, TLCA is not just the BOD, it is really the collective of clubs that make up the association.

I think you could start a thread here with the first post being about what your club is doing as far as 4x4 land use access and encouraging other clubs to post up what they are doing. That way we will start to see just how much or how little TLCA as a whole is contributing to the land use battle.
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Apr 14, 2004
As Stump says, there's probably more than a handful of TLCA members like Roger Thureur, Kurt Williams and myself that do a lot of land use stuff. Coincidentally, we are all members of TLCA. Does that mean TLCA can take 'credit' for what we do? Well that depends a lot on your 'take.'

TO me, it's kind of like athletes who compete in the Olympics. They are individual people. Their accomplishments are their own, but a heck of a lot of people from the athlete's 'homeland' identify and share in their victories vicariously. To some extent they feel justified because their 'country' sponsored the athlete, encouraging and supporting them financially and in other ways.

That's where the analogy gets foggy. Not only does TLCA not get involved directly, but they give little more than lip service 'support' of members who are involved in land use. It's even worse if you are also a business like I am. Then in the name of impartiality, all kinds of things happen that are disappointing at best.

Trying to stay positive here, I think TLCA could follow up on what Stump said by starting a BODreps conversation to have EVERY club send in a list of what they've done in land use, ALONG WITH whether they think TLCA should take credit for it. Then they can discuss what to do with that information at the following BODreps meeting. Perhaps the website could have a land use button on it that takes readers directly to a page that highlights club land use activities.


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Mar 20, 2008
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I'll add that in Toyota Trails, there is a monthly section called "the Open Gate" dedicated to land use, and chapters and members are also encouraged to write and submit articles to TT to brag about their efforts with their local areas. This also serves to inspire other clubs and give land use ideas of what local clubs can do, outside of just donating to Blue Ribbon Coalition (which is a good thing to do.)
Dec 2, 2004
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Rubithon, the hosted event of TLCA host a wine tasting event with all of the profits going directly to the Rubicon Trail Foundation. An organization that directly works to improve the Rubicon Trail where Rubithon is held.
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