What can we do about it?

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Jul 30, 2003
Texas, Pinas and Germany
I don't know about you gals and guys, but I am getting frustrated looking at all this new Landcruiser overseas with the solid front axles! Why can't we bring them over here in the States? Is our government blocking the importation here or just not enough market here for these set up? What are the Landcruiser associations doing about it? What is going on here? Is Toyota doing away with these set up with all their 4wheelers? What can we all do about these? :mad:
Toyota does not sell them here because there is not enough market share for something like that. We are not a 3rd world country where owning a solid axle rig with lockers all the way around is an imperative.

What can you do about it?
Go to OZ but a 105 ship it back here then wheel the crap out of it.
If you have money you can do anything you want.
With money all things are possible. Do a live axle swap. Toss that rack & pinion steering while you're at it.
[quote author=cruiserman link=board=2;threadid=7313;start=msg61051#msg61051 date=1068434756]
Toss that rack & pinion steering while you're at it.

MMMMmmmmmm full hydro....
Now your talking :eek:
All Landcruisers in Australia are incredible exspensive :mad:, That is why the GU Patrol is much more popular. :-*
Anyway the 105 Series is only availible in Australia and South Africa. :flipoff2:
I know a guy that imports stuff from South Africa ???

Anyone with the serious bucks to back up any of this...let me know...

I would be curious to see if C-dan could get spares slow boated in for a SAS on a later model 100.
100 series Solid Axle front is the same as the 80's i think.
3rd world country we are not, but it is an imperative to have solid axle rigs with lockers all the way around! :D . IMO, they should have a limited sport version of the 100 series with options like sfa, lockers, cloth interior, turbodiesel, manual trans, and etc.. ::)
Jonathan_Ferguson, :flipoff2: :D
Maybe if Toyota ressurect the FJ40 with the drivetrain & suspension of an 80 and the affordability of a J**P. I'll bet you, they will sell tons of them. IMO. :)
Chrysler Jeep's in Australia are very exspensive, Such as a Wrangler TJ is $30,000 or so and a Suzuki Jimny is about $18,000. - Jimny is much better anyway. :) :flipoff2:

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