West Maroon Bells trail, traveling Keystone Cruiser

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Keystone Cruiser
Feb 17, 2005
Hello CO Mudders,
My son, lady and I are headed to your great state this month and have been trying to figure out how best to get back to CB once we hike Maroon Pass to Aspen.
There's Dolly's Shuttle, at $60/per leaves us looking for another option.

Maybe one of you guys/gals would be up for a ride over Pearl Pass with the three of us in tow?
Or maybe one of you commuts CB/Aspen regularly?
We'd rather do it in a Cruiser than a shuttle.
It's a longshot, but you don't know if you don't ask....

We plan to hike out early Thursday Aug 18 and would like to return to CB that afternoon, evening.

Happy to negotiate, beer run, $$, take you up to Rausch Creek whenever you're on the east cost, let's talk, quickly.
@Pacer --I have been out this week, just now seeing the post. give me through Friday to clear my calendar for the 18th. Will get back to you by PM. -Tracy
@Pacer --I have been out this week, just now seeing the post. give me through Friday to clear my calendar for the 18th. Will get back to you by PM. -Tracy

Tracy, thank you for even considering such a venture!

Had a blast wheeling with you in Utah and would be psyched to get together again.
Have you driven Pearl Pass before?
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Don't know if anyone else checked in on this thread, but I'll tell ya what, @SAS is a good guy to hook up with if you feel like wheeling out west!
He stepped up to my longshot request and we had a great time!
My lady, two year old and myself were up at 04:00, on the trail and hiking by 06:00. It took us every bit of 10hours to hike up an over Maroon Bells Pass: 12400'. This is 11mi from Crested Butte to Aspen, CO.

Like he said he would, @SAS met us on the Aspen side of things.
Loan '83 fj60 on 32"s, sliders, winch, hilift, straps, gloves, a big black dog, baby seat and a well seasoned driver got us through Pearl Pass and back home just fine.

That was 20mi of some of COs most rugged terrain in four hours. It was late when we started, raining a bit and we finished the trail in the dark.
I only took two pics of Pearl Pass with my camera because we were trying to document the trail for the incredible trail resource Tracy wries for, found here.

Bushducks - Jeep Trail and Backroads Trip Reports<BR>Colorado Jeep Trails and Passes - Opening Dates

Check it out, thay are looking for contributions for trails around the country.

Hopefully Tracy can add a few more pics and details.

Great trail, go prepared, but definitely, if you can run Pearl, maybe with another rig or two, do it!

Thanks Tracy, thanks CO, we had a great time!
AMC @Pacer , thanks for the props! It was a pleasure to come and ferry you back to Crested Butte!

Here's the trail guide--it was actually produced by another contributor who had driven the trail the weekend prior, but I added our trip as a "trip report" /trail update. Pearl Pass | Trails Offroad

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