For Sale (VA) Fully Hydraulic Aisin A442F Transmission & HF2A out of 1991 HDJ81 JDM

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Jan 23, 2020
United States
Was going to use this for my Cummins swap but life happens and I won’t be needing it anymore.

This is the fully hydraulic (no electronics required) transmission that came behind 1990-1992 80-series with the 1HD-T Diesel engine. It is also a bit stronger internally than the electronic A442F sold in America, and the torque converter has a lower stall speed.

It came out of a 1991 HDJ81 with about 94,000 miles that was totaled. Fluid in it is cherry red, no signs of wear. Includes converter and HF2A transfer case (electronic actuator is missing but it is the same part that came on all 80-series).

I’m asking $2000 which is less than I paid for it. Located in Petersburg VA 23805, I’d be willing to meet any buyers within a couple hours of here. I could ship it but it does weigh about 300lbs so shipping would not be cheap.


Ready for it in FL if it makes it down this way :)
I believe I's set aside for a customers project. Are you looking for one?
I’m interested also.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids @ Cruiser Brothers
I’m interested also.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids @ Cruiser Brothers
I bought 4k worth of wholesale auto torque converter and valve body from you. Now my trans is shot. I need to get the parts into a good transmission!

. Back off. Lol

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