V8 with an Orion?

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Dec 20, 2005
Who is running a V8 with an Orion transfer case? How has it held up to the torque and power?

I'm currenlty running the stock 2F with an SM420 and the Orion. I'm switching to a 420 hp V8, auto trans and, when ready, the Hero 3-speed case. I was thinking about putting the V8 in now with the SM420 and Orion, but wasn't sure how the Orion would hold up.

Any info would be appreciated.
i run a 350 Chev with a sm465 and an early 3speed stock oem aluminum case, it has held up ,but i also don't beat on it .
so i would think the Orion should handle it . thats also with 38's and lockers .
I have a 350 V8 with stock 4spd and Orion 4:1 and 35's. No issues, but then my 350 only puts out about 300hp, and I don't beat on it either.
I beat on my Orion with a 5.0 and an NP435. I broke the adapter shaft between the 435 and the Orion but the t-case held up fine.
I run a 5.7l vortec, NV4500, and Orion 4:1 in my trail truck. It's sweet and there are no issues. The Orion is plenty stout.
I have a Chevy 383 stroker, SM420, Orion 4 to 1, for the last two years with the Orion. Average 25 Rubicon Trail trips a year (yes I live there for 4 months a year) No issues, works great! A great test as I get to wheel more in each summer than some get to in a lifetime.
Chevy 5.7 with a 700R4 and Orion 4:1. Never had a problem. Love my Orion (and A/T).
Thanks for the replies.

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