V8 to SM465 Questions?????

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Jul 26, 2006
heber city,utah
I have a 75 fj55 I am going to steal the engine tranny and double T-case combo out of. My question is where is the shifter tower going to end up in the cab? I have heard of a conversion case cover for the 465 that moves the shift tower to the rear of the tranny......where do I find one of those? Also if anybody has the V8 with the 4 sp. in their cruiser could you post up a pic of where the shift tower is? I have plans of switching to a big block and a 203/205 doubler for the pig in the future so don't feel bad for the piggy.....
I don't think I can help much...I have a Chevy small block with the 465 trany in my 40. I put the motor as far forward as I could...the shifter in mine just barley hits the heater when in 1st gear...if that helps?

I don't know if you can use the 465 parts on the Cruiser trans or not...hmmm...

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