Uwharrie Work Day Oct 23rd

Jul 14, 2015
Eldorado, NC
Hi Everyone – Our next work day is Saturday, October 23rd. Kyle & I will be working with you to install guardrail and signs to block illegal trails / bypasses on the trail system. We’ll meet at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9 am. We already have all of the guardrails and posts staged on the trails and then we’ll be dragging them from there to the locations of the projects. We’ll be installing guardrail on the Sawmill Trail near the intersection with Slab Pile Trail. We’ll also install guardrail on Rocky Mt. Loop Trail near the dispersed campsite on the west side of the RML bridge. Depending on how many folks show up we’ll pick up. This is the 3rd time this summer/fall we’ve tried to get this work done. In June and September no volunteers showed up to help us. I hope that changes for this work day.

Please wear work clothes (long pants, closed toed shoes, work gloves, long sleeves), bring water and food, tools to install guardrail with (socket wrenches, pneumatic drill, sledge hammers, shovels, post hole diggers, etc.). You know, the normal tools we use for this kind of work. Some of you will drag the guardrails to the sites using D rings and our metal draggers and others will haul the posts to the sites. It’ll be great to see you all and get these projects done.

Bye - Terry

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