Utility cap for expedition use?

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Aug 14, 2013
Has anyone used a utility cap for overland/expedition use? I've been wanting a cap for a while and I stumbled accross one of these bad boys for $250. i'll be picking it up tomorrow after work. I see a lot of potential for pullout drawers and storage, as well as a sleeping platform. Has anyoneused one, or have any ideas for how to best utilize it? I'm thinking one side will have all my kitchen items with water hookups ect. While th other will be tools. Pehapds a fold down work bench type surface. Pull out drawers in the bed with a sleeping platform/cargo room on top.
I am a little concerned about the lack of rer visability. The side mirrors on Tacomas are a bit lacking. Anyone have any advice there? I'm very excited about this find and the project in general.

I see some real potential. Being a steel structure, I would think RTT for sleeping, then keep the insides for utility/cargo. Very cool, $250 is a deal! I'm thinking the Oz 270 deg awning that Hugh from Safari Outfitters has. He's in Grand Junction, Co.
You will want to insulate and carpet the interior PDQ. Condensation is a royal PITA , especially in winter.

Add a rear back-up camera from a wrecked Tacoma?

Aisle benches with lids, or drawers on slides? The benches are nice because you can access your gear inside with the rear doors closed - if that's an issue. Drawers take more time to build, but make it easier to access stuff at waist level if the truck isn't jacked up. Drawers are also easier to organize.

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