URGENT: Clutch Drag

Sep 12, 2003
Tacoma, WA
I need to drive my cruiser from Vermont to South Carolina on wednesday, and I have just started having clutch problems. I noticed the pedal was unusually light, and recently the the transmission was getting stiffer and stiffer. I topped off the tranny oil as a precaution but to no effect.

So, the clutch is dragging (won't release completely) making it imposible to shift. It's gotten to the point where if i start it in gear with the clutch depressed, the truck will lurch forward. It is undriveable. the pedal has no resistance until the last inch.

- I checked the pedal/pushrod adjustments right away hoping for an easy fix but they were all where they needed to be.
- The slave is new as of last year, but I had my father depress the clutch while I watched the slave and it only moved the clutch fork less than an inch. I figure it must not be getting enough fluid pressure.
- I check the booster and it is working fine.
- No line leaks to be found.

Question: The last thing i can think of is the master cyl which is $150 USD. I just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing anything stupid before I bought it. the HJ and FJ master cyls are different. I called ENS and they can send me one over night for around $200 total. Lucky July 4th isn't a holiday up there. So i need to be in touch with them by 1pm to have it out today. I think I may go ahead and buy it anyway, just as a back up, but is there anything else I am missing?

funny with land cruisers, if you DON'T drive them, s*** breaks. TIA


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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
Yep, I always replace the master and slave at the same time. One seems to blow the other out if I don't..

leed the system again tho..
Apr 9, 2003
Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Also check to see if you have any meat left on the friction disk.
It's hard to see, but if you move the flywheel around a bit, you can peek in there and see it.

And you can always drive without the clutch. Takes a bit of practice, but might get you onto and off of the interstate.
Apr 3, 2005
Kyunggi, South Korea
VTCruiser said:
the HJ and FJ master cyls are different.funny with land cruisers,
No, 60 series FJ,BJ and HJ use exactly same clutch master cylinder.
There are only two kinds of clutch master cylinder. One for without clutch booster(31401-60021,22),, other for with clutch booster.(31401-60280,81,82)

Regarding Slave cylinder, FJ and HJ use same slave cylinder also. But BJ is different.

Yeah, If slave cylinder's pushrod doedn't move so much, bleeding first is essential. I think.

Oh, Min Seok
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