Upgrading to a 200 series - First time owner (1 Viewer)

Jun 2, 2020
Bay Area
Congrats on finding one! Just to add to the LX/LC discussion, because I went through this recently: I rented an LC, and then test drove an LX before going with the LX. I found them to be quite similar, but at the 2013 model year the price difference is roughly $7000.

The free 2 inch lift from AHC is a great added bonus, and saves $2000 on getting a new suspension. But that's partially offset by having to spend money on getting new wheels, because the LX comes with 20 inch instead of 18.

It's been slightly repetitive to do the whole "it's a land cruiser but cheaper!" thing to my friends, but the $7000 saved will pay for a ton of upgrades. Another reason I went LX is just that it is a bit easier to find, and most of them had a pretty easy mall cruising life. :)

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