Upgrading to 4 inch Ironman and 315's.. questions

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Aug 21, 2011
Peachtree City, Ga
Looking to start the next part of my build, have a few questions

LIFT: Going with the 4 inch Ironman Pro Cell lift kit and wanted some feedback from anyone whose currently running it on their rig. Do I need to swap to a double cardon driveshaft? I noticed the kit doesn't come with the steering stabilizer. Is it ok to use the current OME stabilizer I have now or go with the RTC damper from Tough Dog?

Marlin Crawler 25% low reduction gears: Running stock gears and 315's, how does the 80 perform in 4lo? Can I do without the gear reduction?

Any help/sugguestions are welcome, thanks!
I had the OME J springs on my old 97 is about the same height as your 4" Ironman lift. I had zero vibes from my driveshafts BUT a guy I wheel with had the same springs and got all sorts of noise from his front driveshaft. He replaced front and rear with CV style. He had almost 300k on his 95 and I had 85k on my 97 so my suspension components had a LOT less where on them. I think you just have to do the lift and then see if you need the CV shafts. I think a lot has to do with the condition of the joints and overall shaft.
I run 315s with the stock gears and it's really not that noticeable but keep in mind I live in a flat state. When traveling and going up steep inclines my transmission is working hard. Off road it works pretty good. It's doable but 4:88s are in my future.

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