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Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by CruiserLegolas, Aug 7, 2005.

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    First, thanks for all the advice and replies to my pleads for help back in mid July. My 80 overheated near Las Vegas on my way to Salt Lake City, but a new stat and a new 93/94 radiator fixed the problem.

    Thanks to cdan for getting the radiator out in a hurry. I drove from Salt Lake City to Mammoth Lakes to Los Angeles and my overheating problem is gone. I put about 1,000 miles on this drive and the gauge stayed flat the whole time.

    The dealer in Utah said the fan clutch was fine, so I didn't replace it. I haven't done the fan clutch test, but I might if I feel like sticking my hand in and attempting to stop the fan.

    I also watched for bubbles in the coolant as an indicator of head gasket problems, but nothing. The engine oil also looks clean -- at least by visual inspection.

    Again, thanks for all the advice. I feel confident that my 93/94 radiator on my 96 will keep me cool for a long time.
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    Thanks for sharing you story with a Happy Ending. Its nice having a network of friends when your out on the road.

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