Unknown Alternator/Charging Issue

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Dan Nielson

Aug 30, 2016
Charlestown, NH
1996 FZJ80 stock, 215k

Background to the issues: catastrophic radiator failure, blew the top clean off, 50-55mph going down the road on a normal drive. Radiator fluid every where.

So, get her towed home and in goes the new OEM radiator (ouch) and upper and lower radiator hoses, and some belts while I'm in there. Some new Toyota radiator fluid and water and I'm feeling good. Started her up and let her run for 1/2hr checking for leaks and everything is tight. So, down the road I go.

I get about three mile from the house and I loose the Tachometer, few seconds later the Speedo goes out and she starts to shudder and run rough, then 10-15seconds or so later CEL and red alternator light come on. And of course the engine stalls, 1min in time, maybe slightly more from when the Tachometer stopped working. I coasted in to a parking lot and I was able to restart the engine, no Tach, No Speedo, Alternator light on, Tried to drive and it just shuddered and stalled. To me it seemed to be running on only battery power.

Phoned a friend to come jump the truck, on the guess that the problem is a alternator/charging issue. After letting his truck charge my batter for 5min, I was able to drive home, still no Tach, no Speedo, Alt light on and shuddering the whole way homed. And no power, could only reach 40mph.

So, I charged up the battery this morning and I seems to be running fine, but I think it's a trap.

Looking for any ideas on where to start looking for problem/problems.

TLCA #26299
'82 FJ40, '85 FJ60, '95 FZJ80, '96 FZJ80x2

radiator boom.jpg
Needs an alternator.

First thing I would do is put a meter on your battery terminals and see what the voltage is with it running. I should be around the 13.4 volt mark.

More curious about whats going on to pressurize that radiator like that.....
Jul 17, 2018
Thanks for all the recommendations, but in the end it was totally my own fault. I forgot that I had removed the nut from the alternator terminal. DOH!!!

I looked at it, but I didn't really check it....

All hooked up and making 14.75vDC
Boy, if I had a nickel for every time it was my fault...fak I'd be rich!

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