1. F

    Speedometer and tachometer both "gone" simultaneously.

    Both my speedometer and tachometer both stopped working at the same time on mystic 1983 FJ60. By stopped working I mean "both don't move from zero". If the tach is based on a signal from the voltage regulator, and the speedo is based on a signal from the speedo gear in the tranny housing, what...
  2. Fortitude4wd

    Mercedes Om617 with tachometer(fix?) Using alternator.

    I had a heck of a time finding any information on this subject. I'm doing an om617 swap and am using the Dakota digital dsl-1e unit. In order to get a signal from the alternator you need a "w" connection, well the stock Benz alternator and the Saab 900 alternator don't have one stock so you need...
  3. C

    1990 BJ73 3B Diesel - Tachometer issue

    Can anyone help me locate or pin point where inside the engine is the connection of the tachometer on the 3B diesel engine? the problem started when my water pump broke and spread all the water inside, I manage to get a water pump and replaced, but my friend decided to clean the engine and that...
  4. JoseR

    Lj71 tachometer on hzj75

    I buy a instrument meter frow lj71. But the tachometer and oil gauge don't works. The injection pump have revolution sensor (take from hzj80). Someone know what I need to do?
  5. A

    Heavy rain: Leaks, electrical gremlins, and limp mode.

    Hey everyone. I have had an interesting thing happen on my 01 LX470. A couple of weeks ago during a long road trip in heavy rain I noticed that my Tach was flopping all around. An hour or so later the dash lights go out on it. By this point the rain had stopped. I keep driving because i'm still...
  6. Paraglider

    What aftermarket tach for 2h engine?

    Hey, just wondering what aftermarket tachs people are using for their 40 series that use a 2h engine (or maybe it doesn't depend on which engine). I've got an HJ47 landcruiser, 1981, so pretach era, but would like to know what my rpms are. Oh, forgot to mention, would prefer something that...
  7. justdifferentials

    Wanted 70 Series Gauge cluster (1hz) 12v

    Looking for a tach / gauge cluster for 70 series w 1hz 1hd 12 volt,
  8. V

    Speedo and tach gauges read high on long drives

    I just updated from my 2000 LC to a 2004 LC and went on my first longer highway drive this weekend (3.5 hours each way to Steamboat Springs and back). I had just replaced the battery and hadn't noticed before on shorter drives, but after about 1.5 hours the speedo and tach started reading really...
  9. P

    90 tachometer not working

    I have a problem with the tachometer, it has stopped working. To start with, it worked occasionally and if I hit it, it started to work again some time. Are there anyone who knows what may be wrong? Are there anyone who know how to test the actual tachometer if I take it out of the cluster? Are...
  10. M

    power windows, tach, speedometer, fuel, oil, volt, ac fan failure

    Any ideas what could cause my power windows, tachometer, speedometer, fuel, oil, volt, and ac fan to fail? My car seems to run fine and all the lights, radio work. The continuity for the FL30 fuse and the F11 gauge fuse, and all the fusible links were fine. Any help appreciated? Are they...
  11. H

    Tachometer not working

    g'day I have a HJ 47 2h diesel 12v my Tachometer gauge is not working any ideas where to start looking would be helpful and appreciated i've taken the floorpan off to get to the plug that comes off the Bell housing and checked it with a test light there's seems to be no power going to the sensor...
  12. LDowney

    Experience with D&M Restoration

    I found the website for D&M Restoration in Greenville. They specialize in tachometer, speedometer and instrument cluster component repair/restoration. Does anyone have any experience with their work or this company? I have two tachometers out of my BJ70s in need of repair, so I was...
  13. Vossie

    Alternator Tachometer Install

    Hi All. so i just bought an aftermarket Apexmeter tachometer that is driven off of the alternator. has any one else installed this unit before or one that also uses the alternator? another question, which point on my alternator is the 'W' point? i have the original 2F alternator, externally...
  14. nickinportland

    91 FJ80 Tachometer Not Working

    Hi- My tachometer on my 91 FJ80 has not worked since I have purchased this vehicle and I would like some tips on what I should be checking to make sure everything is properly wired/plugged in before I replace the whole unit. I believe I should check the connection at the distributor first but...
  15. AlbertoSD

    SOLD 60-series Diesel Tachometers - Sold

    I have two diesel tachometers, both from a 60-series (not sure what iteration of the 60-series). One has the provisions for the Turbo indicators, the other one seems to be an older vintage (non-turbo). Both are 12 Volts. Asking $80 plus shipping for both of them.
  16. Magnaman

    Tachometer stopped working intermittently on lx470

    The tach on my 2005 LX has stopped working intermittently. It may have something to do with bumpy off road. It comes on and then it eventually goes off and so on. Anyone know what the cause is and fix is? All other instruments worked perfectly
  17. TexYoung


    I just installed a tachometer in my 73 FJ40 with stock F motor and drive train. 2 questions: 1. Is the stock rearend 4:11 gears? That is what I was told. 2. I am taching at 3500 RPM at 70 MPH. It sounds to me more like it is wound to about 5000 RPM but the tach is showing 3500. Does that...
  18. AlaskaHJ47

    For Sale 1983 HJ47 Diesel Tachometer RHD from Alaska, USA

    This Tachometer works great. It's out of a 1983 HJ47 RHD. I am undergoing a swap from the 2H to a GM350. No need for this diesel tachometer any longer. If there are any questions about this particular Tach, my truck has been serviced on over the past several years by Alaska Cruiser's Only...
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