Ultimate Brake Setup?

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Jun 30, 2007
I recently scored a 40 front axle with a mini disc conversion. I planned on going SOA, but I have decided to wait, and do 4 wheels discs and lockers.

1. What would be the best performing front brake configuration?
A. What Rotors?
B. What Calipers?
2. What would be the best rear brake configuration?
A. What Rotors?
B. What Calipers?
3. What booster and master can I use that will bolt in the 40 and manage the 4 wheel discs??

Thanks for the help I'm new to the 4x4 game, but tearing my front axle apart last night was sweet...:beer::wrench::wrench::bounce:
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Way, way to broad and subjective.

This is discussed and debated every week or so. There is enough reading in the Tech Links to make an expert out of anyone. Read up and ask specific questions and you will get lots of good info.

IH8MUD.com - Technical
It starts 1/2 way down on the right.
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Just to share my plans I'm going to do the fj60 conversion up front and just keep the drums in the rear tight on my 72 forty and probably weld the rear spiders together.
good luck with what ever you end up choosing ....

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