U.S. 70's Registration.

Jul 27, 2016
Funny story, before reading the description on their website that is was built for someone, I called them asking if it was for sale. I would trade a kidney for your rig. If it was on an 80 chassis with coil springs and had a bit more in the engine bay, I'd have traded BOTH kidneys. Well done sir, well done indeed. I have family in Austin and if you're willing I'd love to come take a look at it next time I'm in town. Congrats!

EDIT: I love the second row stadium seating. Did they raise the seat mounts?
Hit me up whenever you're in Austin!

I wanted a bench seat that could fully fold up, was the full width of the cab, and had 3 point restraints and headrests. Perhaps in my limited search, I couldn't find many benches that fit the bill. These are made by an Australian company--their mounts are higher in order to accommodate the interior rear wheel wells but luckily the roof of the Troopy is high enough that even tall, grown men can sit comfortably back there with enough head room. The pivoting passenger seat makes it pretty easy to get back there, too. The height does impede the rear view a bit but it otherwise works perfectly for my needs.
Aug 1, 2018
Big Sky, MT
1991 HZJ73 that I just drove home to Big Sky, MT from Vancouver. What a rig, so stoked on this thing. Aftermarket turbo and inter cooler made for smooth sailing up to 80mph on I90 though I was happy to get it home to the Gallatin canyon and more comfortable cruising speeds.

Factory front and rear electric lockers
Factory electric winch
OME lift

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