U-bolt flip kit

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Jan 8, 2003
FNQ, Australia
???Has any one used the U-bolt flip kits from Man-A-Fre? Was contemplating using a set on my 60. Curious on strength, shock mounting position & reliability. Any info would be a help, thanks.
I have a kit installed. The strength is great. The quality is great. Shock mounting locations is iffy. I got the ones with out shock mount for the rear and I am going to have to fabricate somethind since I moved my rear axel back. When I say Iffy I just mean I am not sure what the ones with the shock mounts look like and how the shocks mount. Overall A+ on everything B- on price. I am attaching a pic

Thanks Oakley, looks like the rear end of an early 40. The disc setup take much?

Anybody else with any info on the flip kits, especially where the shocks mount for a 60?

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