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Feb 13, 2020
BC, Canada
I have a chance to buy this and just wondering what some more knowledgeable people think its worth

FS: 1997 LX450 (80 series land crusier). with factory lockers. I'm the 3rd owner and bought the truck stock. Lots of work done:
PHH replaced, valves checked, EGR replaced, front axle rebuilt at RAAD cruisers using new brifs, Redline grease and ARP knuckle studs - 20k ago, new starter motor (Denso), newer AC compressor/dryer (short version) and recharged, new windshield and seal.

227000 Km ( 172000 Miles)

Lots of add ons as well: Magnaflow exhaust manifold and cats,
Borla cat back exhaust, PIAA lights, ARB bumper, Trail Gear sliders, Coastal off road rear bumper, Baja rack with fuel can holder, CVT awning, Sylvania LED headlights, ARB diff breathers , OME 850/860 kit including shocks, Trail gear HD steering kit (tie rod/drag link), Delta pan hard bracket, Sumo 10% under-drive gears, 315/75/r16 Falken Wildpeaks, FN five star (Konig) 16x8 wheels, 360 performance rotors and Hawk pads.
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Jan 5, 2017
Charlotte, NC & Alexandria, VA
As long as it works, the value is what you're willing to pay for it. Prices vary all over the world, so IMHO, that's not a real gauge of value (up to a limit of course; I personally wouldn't pay $75k for an FJ40, but I paid $2k for my first one in mint condition, so I'm biased).

What would it be worth for you to buy a creampuff stock 80 (at going rates where you live) and put all those toys on it?

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