Turbo kit for 2L?

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Oct 19, 2004
Tannhauser Gate
Just picked me up a '82 Toyota diesel PU, and the engine appears to be a 2L(not 100% sure). Is there an existing "bolt-on" turbo kit for these?
Toyota produced both a 2L-T and a 2L-TE. If you wanted to buy the parts to convert your rig, anything's possible with time and money. It may be easier to buy an entire engine and harness though.

This swap has probably been done, I'll let someone chime in !
i have a complete head and turbo from a 2LT if you think you can make it work. the head has no cracks and has 60,000 +/- on it...
i have not attempted the swap so i can not say one way or another. if you want the block it is here also, needs one piston...
The 2L uses a different head configuration - rocker arms vs direct cam activation. I believe it'sa different bolt pattern as well, so I don't think the 2L-T head will bolt up to the 2L block.

But you might be able to bolt up the 2L-T exhaust manifold and turbo to the 2L head, I'm not sure about that one.

Post your question over at www.toyotadiesel.com. they'll know what's what.
Thanks, Wayne I'll consider that an option, once I know what's what. BTW, do you still have that pile of 3B stuff for sale?

thx light-duty, I'll give them a go...
as far as i know Michael is taking all the 3B stuff when he is up this way...
the unit is here should you want it...
Good score!

I thought of this mod too for my Hilux, but with 22:1 compression I think I will go for a 2.5" exhaust with a flowmaster and accpet it for what it is :D

DOnt mean to rain on your parade, just giving my thoughts...

hmmm.....1982? That could be a 1L motor. There is a good thread (search) on the site Robin mentioned that shows the differences between 1L and 2L identification. Pretty sure you cant mix and match between 2LT (rockers) and the 2L though.
light_duty said:
The 2L uses a different head configuration - rocker arms vs direct cam activation. I believe it'sa different bolt pattern as well, so I don't think the 2L-T head will bolt up to the 2L block.

You're mixing 2L/2LT (rocker) vs 2L-II, 2LT-II, 2LTE (direct)
The early generation pre-1990 parts intechange, and the late generation parts interchange. The 2L cam is supposed to have higher lift & duration but I haven't checked mine yet. I know my 2L+T works pretty good.
As far as i know the 2LT head will fit on top of a 2L block - you will need to go for the 2LT configuration rather than 2LTE as the 2LTE has a vastly different fuel pump, Crank Position Sensor, vacuum pipe configuration etc etc.

Things to think of.

Lowering the compression ratio, just fitting the head will not do this, you need a spacer gasket - they are available.

You need the Head, Turbo, Exhaust Manifold, Inlet manifold top end, preferably the fuel pump, all vacuum pipes, Air filter housing (turbo pressure sensor fits into it), Front exhaust pipe, coolant pipes to the turbo plus T pieces, Block T piece for the oil feed and returns to the turbo.

Plus you may not know what condition the bottom end is so you should really check over and change BEB and Mains if in doubt plus rings, pistons etc if you want to make sure you really have everything covered.

This is eminiently possible though, as is fitting a 2LT head to a 3L engine - it will fit that engine too.

Only the early 2L engines had rockers, later ones had the same config as the 2LT and 2LTE with the direct activation of the rockers. pretty sure the bolt pattern is the same though however if it isn't then that would be the killer.

However with a head gasket spacer and exhaust manifold (it should bolt straight up to the 2L head) and all the stuff like the pipes etc then it should be possible to turbo he motor with the existing head on it. Keep the boost around 7 or 8 psi and you should be OK with engine reliability as well although the 2LT and 2LTE can be pushed up to 11 psi with ease or though you will suffer with engine longevity.

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