Tundra wheels on Landcruiser?

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May 11, 2009
I have a 2000 Landcruiser. I found a set of new take off 2008 Tundra wheels/tires and I wanted to know if these would fit my LC? Thanks in advance.
Yes. I've been running '07+ Tundra wheels (18") since last summer; same backspacing and width (8"). I like them alot...285R75 18 (285 width on 35") for ALL conditions on/off-trail. And with the 18's the brakes run a little cooler due to increased air circulation on the 100.
Wow, that was a fast reply.

Someone told me the hubs extend out too far and the center caps don't fit. Where you able to use the Tundra center caps or did you have to do something different with them.

Did you ever run 33" tires with the 18s? I'm attempting to find the OE 16" rims to replace those awful aftermarket rims on my new '99. But they aren't easy to find. There are plenty of Tundra rims to be found but I'm concerned about sidewall height for wheeling (as well as finding affordable tire options) The Yokohama Geolander A/T - S is one. Your Toyo Open Country A/T is another (if I could find a local source - maybe Discount would special order them for me) A 265/70 or a 285/65 would get me close to the same diameter as a 285/75R16. They both have the same sidewall height of 7.3". Am I splitting hairs, worrying about something that would be a negligible difference?
Utahfj62 has 16s in...Utah.

To the OP, the wheels fit, not the hub caps on the front. You can modify them.

Also, for anyone with the parttime 4wd kit, the front hubs will NOT fit inside the center of the TRD 17" wheels. You have to bore out the center lip where the hub cap goes.
Will the caps from my OEM 16" rims fit?

MARCFJ60 - I may have OEM 16"'s for sale if I end up with the 18"'s I am considering.
Will the caps from my OEM 16" rims fit?

MARCFJ60 - I may have OEM 16"'s for sale if I end up with the 18"'s I am considering.

With trimmings here and there, yes they will. Try doing a search of the forum. I'm traveling this week and do not have my computer with me otherwise I'd find it for you.
here is mine

it rubs alittle and the front hubs had to be trimmed.
But those are 20" wheels, right?
here are the 18" tundra trd wheels, as stated above the front caps wont clear the factory hubs but your old caps will fit as I had done here temporarily on the front. I then ordered a full set of the center caps for the 18" landcruiser wheels as the wife insisted on 4 matching caps. sorry dont have any pics of those installed but they fit reasonably well.
But those are 20" wheels, right?
I have a 2005 Land Cruiser and for years ran the standard Toyota Tundra 18" 5 spoke rim (not TRD; but looked quite similar to those 20 rims pictured directly above on the tricked out Galactic Gray LC in this thread; but mine were 18". I did *not* have a problem with the front hubs on those 18" Tundra rims, but I *think* that I might have used the plastic covers from my original 5spoke LC rims (but might have been the same as Tundra placstic center hub covers?). Cant remember. But, I ran them for 5 years and they looked great (just went back to orig OEM LC rims, but considering those 20's pictured above! BUT, looking at newer 20's from an 08" or newer Tundra or newer 08-14 LC 18" rim and wondering if they will fit on older .05 LC. I hear the offset of new ones is 60mm, vs. the 98-07s LCs used a 50mm offset. Even Toyota dealer (boston) didn't know if they would fit/rub? I can't imagine one cm being a big deal given the good clearance now present with factory setup? Advise, anyone. ?
Great looking dubitup, thanks for sharing! what year LC? Tons of those 'new pull-off' rims (some w/tires) on ebay all the time. Great way to economically replace old rusty corroding New England wintered rims with a fresh upgrade. Looks nice. I wonder why I didn't need to modify my plastic center cap/hubs to fit over my dust caps? (05LC, putting on 5spoke Tundra '07(?)rims.)
@MikeK It's 2004 LC. I scoured Craigslsit for many many weeks. Found a guy selling a set of 4 2014 Tundra TRD 18x8 (can not remember the offset) wheels, he was off loading these for super super cheap, the 5th wheel was more expensive than the cost of 4 from this guy. I got lucky for sure. I'm not sure why some caps need to be drilled and some don't I suspect its due to offset of the specific wheels being mounted.
okay, i just checked my LC hub covers and compared w/garage stock (i.e., hub covers that came with used 18" Tundra rims), and walahh! --- I must have used/snapped on my OEM LC HUBS onto the Tundra rims (they fit perfectly; never lost one in 5 yrs of running). See pics. Notice how the Tundra caps are flat, and orig LC caps are cupped. So folks, buy a set of LC caps and you should be all set (at least with Alloy rims/ the chrome TRDs like on white LC pictured above might not look right/match - included pic of my LC cap snapped onto the (now in disuse) 07 18" Tundra rim.

2014-08-25 13.41.57.jpg

2014-08-25 13.43.20.jpg
here is mine

it rubs alittle and the front hubs had to be trimmed.
Hi - I'm curious - where specifically does it 'rub a little', and in hindsight was it a mistake? (i.e., rub too much -wear on car (or tire), or puncture/denting any time? thankx, mike.
Couple of things I learned thru the process. Not ALL Tundra wheels fit. I learned this the hard way bc I bought a set of 09 Tundra wheels that fit perfectly in the rear but there way no way possible to fit up front (we tried spacers we considered boring out etc).
This is the model to stay away from:

With regards to the "hub caps" yes you can go with the 100 series up front but imho they clash with the a Tundra flush look in the rear. Solution? Got a Dremel?

Here's mine:

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