Trasfer case help

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Jun 14, 2014
Near Boston
I am looking to purchase a part time transfer case. My searching tells me fj 60/65.

I found one from a 1987.

Are they all the same, coming from auto/manual trans?

I intend to use this on a LS swap, using a automatic 2wd transmission.

Can I get some direction on what to purchase, or look for in a part time transfer case?
have you searched it? Mud and Google?
I think the back halves are the same so an adapter would work for all years of the 60 series line. I may be wrong so you may have to wait for a smarter person to respond. Is your 87 case a manual shifting case?
Not sure on the manual shifting, as I'm looking to purchase this T case from a vendor found here. The discription is 1987 transfer case w/ no picture.
I'll email them for more info
A 1987 split case will be manual shift and they will all be the same. You will need to get the adapter from Advance Adapters depending on what transmission you are going to be mating the split case with (manual, auto, Toyota, GM, etc.).

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