Transmission Filter Cleaning Procedure

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Jul 16, 2007
Spokane, WA
I am planning to put a new transmission pan on this evening (long story). I have searched and I have come up with different opinions on what to do about the filter. The old fluid looked pretty good and there wasn't much material on the magnets. The fluid was changed about 70,000 miles ago by the previous owner at an AAMCO and it looks like the Napa kit was used (rubber gasket and filter). I was planning to just put the new pan up with Toyota FIPG.

Should I take the filter off and try to clean it, replace the filter, or just leave it alone? If I take the filter off, can I just spray the screen down with some brake cleaner and compressed air?

I plan to put the pan up tonight and then flush out the old ATF tomorrow - replacing with Mobil 1 ATF.
Nevermind . . . She is all sealed back up now. I left the filter alone for now.

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