Transfer Case Seals Revealed

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Sep 1, 2003
I've been having a recurring problem with oil leaking from my transmission into my transmission case on my 5/85 FJ60. It's happening again after only 15K miles. I purchased all the OEM seals and gaskets from Dan.

Then I was reading another thread ( where someone mentioned a "special double seal" that MAF had. I called MAF, and asked for the special FJ60 seal and gave the part number "NOK BW3386E" but the sales guy wasn't familiar with this number. He put me on hold and came back and took my credit card number for an FJ60 seal.

Then I was reading yet another thread where someone else was recommending using the FJ62 seal. So I bought one of those from my local dealer.

Here is what I got:

First Picture: this is the OEM seal for the FJ60 from Dan. Although it appears to have two contact points, it is what I call a single lip seal, because it only has a spring on one side. The markings on the seal are "NOK BE3383E". The well between the contact points came filled with grease.

Second Picture: this is the seal I got from MAF. It looks almost identical to the OEM FJ60 seal above except there is no grease in the well between the contact points. The markings on the seal are "90311-48012" which is the toyota part number for the seal.

Third Picture: this is the OEM seal for the FJ62 that I got from my dealer. This is a double lip seal. You can see that it has a spring on both sides and the seal is supported from the middle, between the two lips, not at one end. The well between the two lips is filled with grease. The marking on seal are "NOK BW3386E". The FJ62 seal is about 1mm thicker, but otherwise the seal appears to be the same dimensions as the two other seals.

So the "special seal" that was referenced in the thread link above is really a seal for the FJ62. I also find it interesting that the two seals I got from Toyota are marked with NOK numbers and the seal I got from MAF is marked with the Toyota number.

I'll probably install the FJ62 seal when I reseal my transfer case, unless some tells me I should not.
transfer seal OEM.jpg
transfer seal MAF.jpg
transfer seal OEM FJ62.jpg
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Interesting info on this.

I will have to pick up a couple of those ’62 seals and see what is going on with them, compared to the ‘single lip’ seal.....

A friend had his 62 case off a few months back to replace this seal and I did not notice it being anything different compared to the single lip seal. He did get the ‘bearing and seal kit’ from who knows.

Oh, by the way-

When you replaced this seal last time and had the transfer case apart, did you verify that the breather was clear and could work properly?

If not, your case can pressurize while being used under normal operating conditions, and that will easily force the gear oil past that lip seal.

Just an FYI.


Thanks for the suggestions, but the last time I replaced my seals I replaced the breather "valve" with a hose barb and ran a breather tube up to the engine compartment. I terminated it with a little filter. I pretty sure it's breathing ok.
Thanks for the info.
Good detective work. :)

Sorry to drudge up an old thread, but I was wondering how the 62 seal worked out? Going to have to replace my seal, as my tcase is overfilling, not my transmission. Would like to order/buy the seal this weekend. Thanks!
I haven't installed mine yet. Maybe I'm not driving my truck enough, but I refilled my transmission and it seems to be staying full, so I'm not tearing into it until I know for sure it's really leaking again.
I just got a T-case rebuild kit from C.O. for a 1987 38mm case. It had the double lip FJ62 seal. It came in a plastic wrapper w/ "NOK 3386E" on the package. Seal was installed in 1987 case, no problem. I just assumed it was a running upgrade, but the kit is for all 38mm cases, so maybe the kit assembler is superceding to the FJ62 seal, rather than giving both.
Thanks for the heads up. Called the Toyota dealership earlier, and they are still stocking both numbers and were unsure if the 62 seal would work in the 60 case. Glad to know that it does. I'll be ordering one soon!
I tried the double lip 62 seal in my 1982 transfer case. The dia was too small.
It appears they won't fit the earlier transfer cases.
I tried the double lip 62 seal in my 1982 transfer case. The dia was too small.
It appears they won't fit the earlier transfer cases.
ID or OD was too small?
It was the OD that was smaller.
Thanks for the info. I replaced mine this weekend on my 62, and used the NOK BW3386E. I had a shop do it last year and they screwed up, It started leaking. I decided to re-do it myself at a friends shop. I found it was pretty straight forward.

The main things to add were (according to Rodney at wholesale transmissions) to add permatex on the splines of the gear with your finger that goes onto the drive shaft, plus seal up the bearing at the end. And add permatex on the idler shaft O-ring, that goes into the tranny.

Hopefully mine won't leak again.

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