Transfer Case interchangibility-removal/installation

Aug 28, 2003
Pearland, TX
I have an 84 BJ60, there is significant wobble vertical/horizontal in the front output shaft of the Transfer Case. I am concerned more than a bearing there may be other problems at this point. It is mated to the H55F-I have a transfer case available that came off of a 2FJ60 with the 4 sp. Are these transfer cases identical?

Also, some manuals recommend removing both the transmission and transfer case when removing/installing-is this necesary? Also what is involved when removing the transfer on a H55F or otherwise the 4 speed manual?



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I'm told that, for the most part, they are the same. I think that the front plate on the 5 speed is different but I'm not 100% sure.
You don't need to pull the tranny to work on the transfer but you will need to do all the work under the truck as the transfe does NOT come off in one peice. You'll be disassembling it while it is on the truck.
Get the complete gasket and seal set including the one for the 5th gear extension if you pull the front plate (which you will almost surely need to do).

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