Track bar heim joint question.

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Jul 24, 2007
Sudbury Ontario Canada
Im running radius arms and a track bar on the front of my 69 fj40. I seem to be killing the heims at the track bar on a regular basis and was wondering if replacing one of the heims with a poly bushing rod end would help isolate vibration and in turn increase the life of the remaining heim? Would I be better off to run of the poly rod ends instead of heims?

This is the joint Im looking at but Speedway sells simar joints (cheaper) as well.

FS Series Polyurethane Threaded Rodends

Thanks in advance!

I would think a poly bushing would quickly wear out in that application? Would you replace the frame end and leave a Heim on the axle end? That’s how most aftermarket track bars for jeeps are setup and seems to work well.

You might consider a Duroflex joint from metalcloak or a dual durometer bushing from synergy, I think it would last longer and out perform a poly bushing. Plus poly stuff is so squeaky!
Any pics of your setup?

Regular rubber bushings last for 100K miles in OEM applications. What size end are you using now? What kind of environment? An open joint, like most heims, can get contaminated which accelerates wear.
I have pics but dont have the patience to post on here anymore.. 40 is set up with radius arms and coil springs up front with a track bar. Track bar has heims at both ends right now, theyre the smaller 3/4"-16 thread/9/16 bolt size heims. They are exposed but arent wearing due to contamination.

Yes, the plan is to replace the frame end with the Canadian Chassis Components hr series poly rod end (that supposedly doesn't squeak due to some special poly compound).

Link to the hr series ends, mistakenly posted a link to the fr earlier.

HR Series Polyurethane threaded RodEnds

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Ok, so I was too optimistic I guess.. ..

Just tryin things..

charlesk11charles on Photobucket

Edit. Ok heres a link to my s***ty photobucket, hopefully it works. Pics of the front end set up can be seen on the first page

Now that im a little less picture stupid heres what i have and what i ordered..
nice looking rod ends!

the 80series are notorious for chopping out poly panhard rod bushes very quickly. I'd look for pressed in ruber bushes over push fit poly bushes, but if its a trail rig, poly might work for you if the replacement poly bush isn't expensive
I was running the same small hiems on my track bar and hated the noise. They wore out quick. I was able to find Currie Johnny joints in the same size, 3/4, 9/16 bolt, narrow mounting width which I can’t recall. They have poly inside and are greasable and rebuildable. So far so good, zero clunking.

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