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Feb 5, 2021
Leesburg VA
Hello folks - had a question on the wiring for the throttle position sensor (tps). I am going through trouble shooting the cruiser not being able to rev above 2200 rpm, and when I remove/unclip the tps she revs just fine, so I'm pretty sure that it is something to do with the tps (read quite a few good posts on troubleshooting from the forum - I'm at the 'is it the wiring' stage). Wiring all looks fine (I just finished doing the head gasket and inspected the wire harness pretty well before putting it back). The one thing I did do is replace the female clip on the tps - two wires were frayed. I'm worried that I maybe messed up re-wiring hence the malfunction. Is anyone able to verify based on their own working tps, whether the colored wires are in order? Please see a picture of mine below - cruiser is 1997 US model. Many thanks in advance!!

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