Towing with an FJ55

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Jan 10, 2006
Kansas City, MO
I'm still in the research stage on how to equip my future FJ55 and have a question on towing. Is the in-line 6 and tranny up to the challenge of a 3,500 lb. trailer or do I need to swap out for a SBC. I won't need to tow that often but it is a necessity.
I wouldnt want to tow with the in line 6. I imagine it has plenty of tourque to get the trailer moving the problem is your top speed would be about 7 mph. I'd say you need an engine swap or a different rig for towing.
Do you have the F or 2f? With the F, what Clemson said. With the 2f you might be ok if you aren't towing through the rockies. Also, if you have drums all the way around, you might want to upgrade......
This is an interesting thread, I have been wondering about towing with my piggie. Isn't safe towing more about vehicle mass, width wheel base? What is the safest amount that can be towed behind a FJ55?
Spec towing weight for an fj55 is 3500lbs. But the spec for a 40 is 3000lbs and I dont think you could find many people willing to put 3000lbs behind their 40. Even with the 2f I wouldnt expect much of an improvment from the f its only like 12 hp more powerful I seriously doubt there would be a good speed increase while towing from that.
Thanks all, I kind of figured it would come up short on the towing aspect. Width and wheelbase are essential to towing limits along with torque.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Nick.


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