To Line-X ..or not to Line-X?

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Mar 27, 2003
North Georgia, USA
Ok..few months back i 'accidently' blew off all the paint on my PS Rear fender flare with a power washer. I would like to repair it before it gets really cold here (Massachusetts winter). Now here is my dilemma.

1. 3 of my rubber fender flare gaskets need to be replaced (one of the gaskets is on the paintless flare).
2. should i just pull off the 3 flares..replace the gaskets and have the rear PS flare repainted?
3. should i just pull off all 4 flares and just have them line-x'ed?
4. should i need the rubber gaskets if i line-x the flares?

Sorry for the questions..but, i figure that i might as well do them all at one time and save time and y'all know what you are talking about.. Also, i would like to do the less expensive..and easier fix..and not too concerned with looks since i have a REAL black rig the line-x would actually match the color.

Joe M
I've had a couple of truck beds linex. I also know a guy the had it done to his lower rocker panels. I would ask the Linex dealer in your area. With most of these coatings the quality of the job is based on the skill of the installer.
Use the Dupont product that has UV protection.
do you know what the dupont stuff is called? Why reccomend that over the line-x?..purely UV protection?
I have the Dupont stuff in my GMC and it just won't come off.

Call it prep, application, etc but I can put pallets in there and it won't scrape off.

Line-X in my last rig scraped regularly.

Plus the UV stabilization is mo betta in Dupont.

Duraliner is the stuff I believe...mae sure you get a pro to put it on...I hear it isn't for the do it yourselfer.
When I was taking my painting class in school we used a product called ,3M Body Schutz, It was easey to spray and was like a rubbver textrure that you can paint over or not. most cars have this on the rocker panels to protect the paint from chipping off do to rocks. I think it would work very well to paint flares with it. You can do it yourself too. It comes with a spray nozel.


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