Tire question for the cyclists

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Feb 28, 2005
Victopia BC
Recommend me some good puncture resistant tires.

Urban commuting, mild trails. I am so sick of patches, and ready to pay for the good stuff.

Which are the better puncture resistant tires?
Mountain bike? Road bike? Where do you ride? I would post this on the tire forums at mtbr.com.

My suggestion would be to run specialized airlock or slime tubes with a WTB Mutanoraptor 2.4 tire, which rolls well and still has descent traction.
Davinci Sydney Hybrid (think road bike frame, straight bars, slightly bigger tires), mostly road riding around town. 700X32 on there now.

Thanks for the link, I'll poke around there.
I just use tuffy liners. I have a LOT less flats than my friends, and I can still run 'cheaper' tires [$15-$30 range]

I've tried Tuffy liners, Slime, and Specialized Armadillo tires. I much prefer the Kevlar-belted Armadillo tires for commuting, although they're a bit heavy. We've been getting more sheephead type thorns here with the drier climate, multiple flats on a ten-mile commute gets old quick. I also short-cut through a scrapyard, I've picked up some jagged sheet metal on my tires. One time a big piece was clanking against my frame as it went around, it was really stuck in the tire, but didn't puncture it!

Slime works great with less weight, I used it when I was in Texas and California. When I changed my tire the tube was glued solidly to it, and lots of thorns were stuck through the tire, I had to throw the mess away.
Just checked the Specialized site, much bigger selection now, higher pressure and lighter weight tires. Mine wore like iron, lasted years of commuting.
Wound up with some Schwalbe Marathon Plus. The guy at the bike store pretty much popped wood talking about how good they are.

Quite a bit heavier than the OEM, I hope I don't notice it too much.

Thanks for the input.


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I will say this for the road tires any traction that is put on the tires for a 700C tire is just put there to sell the tire there is no performance gain on a road tire with traction over a complete slick.
depending on the terrain you ride I run the Kenda small block eight on my mountain bike. It is great for the road fast rolling and on hard pack stuff i encounter here in ND its great. Love the tire here but have heard complaint about weak sidewalls when up against rocks.
I have a couple sets of the new xpress from SOMA Fabrications. I have a 26" tire on my old mountain bike now fitted with a rack and shopping bag panniers and a 700c tire on a cyclocross-ish bike. I've had no problems with them so far...Soma Fabrications
if you're commuting, then i recommend inspecting the tires every once in a while and pick out all the glass with the tip of a knife. most flats happen because glass and other road debris work their way through the tire over time. you'll be surprised how much junk you find hidden in your tires and how many flats you'll avoid!

as far as good tires, serfas seca's kevlar from REI are the cheapest and the best. i have had better luck with these than any kevlar contis or bontragers

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