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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I'm replacing my weber carb on my 82 fj40 with a rebuilt aisin one. any tips or pointer for doing the job. seems straight forward but just though i might ask. the linkage looks as though it will hook up fine, not sure about the choke, and a friend said something about getting the vaccum right. thanks
I installed a non-usa carb. Not everything here purtains to you but read about the caveats and what not.

Non-Usa Carb Install
I installed my non-usa carb lastnight. My previous carb was a kalifornia model with every known piece emissions equipment on it. I bought a non-usa carb from It came ready to bolt on with a newgasket.

During the install I removed or disconnected.

1) Air Injection Rail (used 1/4 npt plugs)
2) Air Pump (siezed)
3) EGR / EGR Cooler / Pipe
4) Emissions control box? (the box that sits on the drivers side fender)

Issues I have now that I have installed the non-usa

1) Plug the hole left by removing the air pump inlet on the air cleaner housing.
2) EGR inlet hole. Once you remove the EGR and goodies associated with it you are left with a hole in the exhaust manifold. Need to fab a block off plate used in conjuction with a high temp gasket.
3) Need to swap my kalifornia distributor with a non-usa/DUI type dizzy.
4) Removing the fuel return line that the new carb doesn' t use

The removal smog equipment and the install of the new carb took about 3 hours. Make sure you have all your parts handy first. Hardest part of the entire process was removing the air injection rail. With time and patience it can be done.

1)Make sure you seal the threads on the studs that the carb attaches to. The 2 studs closest to the engine block are prone to creating a vacuum leak. I used high temp gasket sealer on the threads and around the base of the stud.

2)Clean the surface of the intake manifold. Clean the surfaces of the spacer that goes between the carb and the intake.

3)Use new gaskets. If they are stuck on and old. Remove them being carfeul not to damage the surface.

Carb. Nardek Part #904-2F-75

1/4 NPT Brass Plugs. Quanity 6 (buy at a good hardware store)

Carb Rebuild Kit. Napa (I used this for the gaskets)

Carb Mounting studs. Toyota Part# 90116-08042 (you can take a stud to the local hardware and find them to. 8X1.25 Stud I think. buy new nuts and loc washers too.

Loctite Hi-Temp Fuel resistant silcone.

Hope this helps...
Afactory engine manual would be pretty helpful, but the emmissions onw is essential if you want to get all the hoses hooked up right....Of course, if the emissions thing doesn't bother you, then why you puttin the Aisin back on?? (I actually think they are a better carb than the weber...) :cheers:
Well getting all the emissions hooked up shouldnt be to big of a deal. we have a totally stock fj60 and i can kind of use that as a guide. I'm trying to slowly make my cruiser a really nice road worthy one. in my mind the weber is kind of small for the 2F and i want it to be original. also my boss bought the carb for me as my bonus and if i sell the weber i can probably make some money and get it back to original. we'll see.

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