Time to upgrade to a 100 series?

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Feb 8, 2013
Need a little advice here...
I think the time has come for me to upgrade to one family Cruiser.
Current lineup: 2001 Tacoma SR5 xtracab V6 4x4 5 spd.- original owner, and I love this truck!!
I also have a 1988 FJ62 Cruiser with 220,000 miles that is just a little rough, but the original owner had it for 25 years prior to my purchase, and it does just fine.

Also, my Mrs. has a nice Subaru, but that doesn't really count...

So, another baby is on the way, and I am thinking about selling both Toyotas for a 100 Series Cruiser.
Is this a bad idea? Or should I go for it?

Thanks in advance!
thin that flock and happy hunting... and to answer your next question :: everyone knows '99 is the best year.. just say in..
I just did this and love the 100! Wife has a Subaru too, but glad to be back in a total. 2005 and 140k and still drives like new. Not many vehicles drive that well at that mileage. Do it!
Post pictures of the TACOMA and FJ62. I say keep it all,you will regret selling it for sure. Keep the Tacoma if it comes down to which one to let go. Just buy a 100 already.
Get the 100 and try to keep the Taco. It's always nice to have a pickup truck.
(My Texan accent might have kicked in there)

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